“Stories. They’re magical - funny - old things.”

I sat on my tattered pink sofa. The fabric itself moulded to my shape, no thanks to those 10-hour Netflix marathons. 

Perhaps, it was too slouchy. 

As the sky darkened like tar, the pitter-patter of rain arrived once more. My tiny town in Northern Ireland, awash with water.

My everyday life wasn’t anything special - much like the pink sofa. Yet as I sat there - in that very moment - I wrinkled my nose and asked: 'Is this it?'

I moved to Italy on a whim. I au paired and I travelled sweet Sicily with one mantra: 

Then, life changed.

‘Create a life so good, you don’t need a vacation to escape from it.’

And that’s what I did.

Like you, I’ve been there. I’ve desperately (like - lived on tinned soup 'cause I had no $ desperate)) craved the incomparable feeling of wanting to live life on my terms.

My first business FLOPPED. My second? A total success, but I was trading hours for money. With only 24h in each day, I knew something had to change.

So I packed my things, booked a one-way ticket and got on a plane to Australia. 

In 4 weeks I landed a copywriting job with a top advertising agency writing copy for multi-million dollar clients.

In English: I sold millions of dollars of ‘stuff’ using carefully crafted words.

Then I left.

And started my own business....again.

Now I help entrepreneurs (just like you) book consistent high-ticket clients using my strategy, mindset and copywriting skills.

Let's get you it.

Freedom. Tell me. What does it look like for you?

For me, it’s running a six-figure business on my terms.

It’s the balmy mornings sipping tea by my swimming pool. Afternoons working as and when I want. Choosing to take calls only TWO days per week.

It's about flying business class to the other side of the world to visit my family and importantly, knowing I am living my best life helping many many people. 

I know you too crave the sweet taste of freedom.

Because (let's be honest)..

Consistent clients = consistent income.

picture your freedom.


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