My 3 Golden Rules Of Commitment

How will your January 1st 2019 look?

Yesterday, in my Facebook group, I touched on my 3 golden rules of commitment. The ones that helped me:

 x3 my income (I know )
 Drop 2 dress sizes
 Move from  to 
 Craft copy for small businesses, a British media company + multi-million dollar companies
 Finally, start my own business

This works.

Don’t take it from MY results. Take it from the two British behavioural experts that tested the framework of each commitment rule.

It’s time. 

Time to look back on this day next year + know you changed everything. Here. Now.

 Pick an overarching goal.

Get broad. Think big. Be specific. If you want to be debt free, retire your husband and to travel more then your overarching goal MUST be financial.

If you want to take on more clients but work less and become well-respected in your field/industry, then your overarching goal will be something like: ‘I want to become an EXPERT in my field.’

Write down all the ‘little’ things/goals you want.
 Link them to ONE overarching goal.
 This goal should be terrifyingly big. 

Did you know it’s scientifically proven that people who do this are extremely likely to turn their goal into their reality?

Write the goal down. Make the goal public. 

 Years ago I was unfit and unhappy. I ate too much and moved too little. I was a UK 12/US 14 + now I’m a UK8/US 4. I wasn’t in a great place – I WANTED to change – but it was tough. Then one day, a co-worker (my restaurant bud from the dishwashing days ) said: ‘Hey. LET’S GO RUNNING!’ And so we did.

Note: It was tough. It took us over TWO HOURS to run 8km.

But I wrote our distances down, I recorded my goals on our public work noticeboard AND finally, I told every single soul in work. I loudly and proudly told everyone I WOULD run 10km and I would lose weight.

I did. 


This is why coaches + mentors are such valuable assets to our business plans.

Pick someone (or many people) who won’t be afraid to call you out if you slack. You will need this. Hint: we, the go-getters in the Facebook group are YOUR partners.

Get serious. If you want to achieve whatever you want to achieve, you need to make sacrifices most people aren’t willing to make. It’s a small price to pay.